Managed I.T. Services

We are constantly evolving and staying up to date with the latest I.T. issues. Whether it is a newly discovered Windows vulnerability or an AMD Processor Security Threat that has been uncovered, T&M I.T. will patch your systems so that you do not have to worry about it.  

T&M I.T. Managed Services includes everything from Cloud backups, Local Backup Maintenance, and Complete 24/7  Monitoring of your Workstation/Servers.  We watch everything from how hot your system is getting to if a nasty piece of ransomware has entered your systems.

We provide quick turn around times and prioritize you with our Remote Support Team and On-Site Services. T&M I.T. Services documents everything about your systems and are ready to replicate your entire network and systems if need be.

Our Managed Services covers almost everything aside from parts and cabling services. We treat your Network and Systems with the same detail-oriented services that we give to our own network. T&M I.T.'s Managed Service Cost is competitively priced and you will love it.

24/7 Monitoring and Maintenance

- Your Systems will be constantly monitored for Any Abnormalities.

- High Temperatures, High Usage, High Drive Space, and More!

Custom Scripts Tailored to You

- T&M I.T. will customize how you want your systems to work!

- From Auto-Log Offs to Making Sure Everything is Up to Date, It is our Job to have things working smoothly.

Managed Services Cost

- The cost of Managed Services is dependent on several factors.

- How many office locations does your company maintain?  How many Workstations/Servers are in your office?  Contact us today and get a Free I.T. Assessment to find out.