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Responsive IT Support

TAM IT Services is committed to delivering responsive IT support that ensures swift and efficient resolution of your company's technology needs. Our approach is client-focused, emphasizing rapid response and effective problem-solving to minimize downtime and enhance productivity

Proactive IT Security

TAM IT Services is dedicated to offering proactive IT security to safeguard your company's digital landscape. Our approach encompasses a comprehensive suite of measures designed to anticipate and address potential cybersecurity threats before they impact your business

Advanced Cybersecurity

TAM IT Services offers advanced IT cybersecurity solutions tailored to protect your company's digital infrastructure from sophisticated cyber threats. Our approach is multi-faceted and cutting-edge, ensuring your business is safeguarded against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber risks

Local IT Support

24/7 Monitoring and Alerting

Next-Gen Protection

Patch Management

End-User Training


Infrastructure Map

Advanced Cybersecurity

Next Gen Firewalls

Enterprise A/V Solutions

AI Monitoring

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Proactive IT Management

24/7 Monitoring and Management

Identify issues before it becomes a problem

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Data Backup Services

Data Recovery Solutions

24/7 Incremental Cloud Backup Services

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VOIP Phone Services

The Latest in Phone Technology and Management

Voicemail to Email

Phone App

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Surveillance Systems

Full CCTV Security Setup

Access anywhere

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